Saturday, November 29, 2008

Run like the wind!!!

What a positively reinforcing Thanksgiving! It started off with the whole family heading to the Ventura Auto Center here in town to run a 5K/1K to help benefit fellow athlete Tony Pedeferri. It was a great turnout - lots of friendly faces, lots of friends to say hi to, and lots of other dogs. Always nice when races welcome the entire family, canine and human alike. 

Nolan and I ran the 5K while Poncho rested up before the race - safe, comfy, with fresh air and water in the car - then we took Poncho on his 1K event! He did great!!! Plus, I got to play with my new toy - this little video camera that makes it easy to upload! Check out the video of me and Poncho racing along! You would think his name is "baby boy" ;-) 

Good times to be had... plus, we got to work up an appetite for our big dinner! 

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