Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reasons Why This Ventura Dog Trainer Loves Her Private Training Clients

I just had one of those awesome private dog training clients today! The kind that just makes me love my profession even more than I already do. The reason I love going to "work" (Really? This is "work"?), even on a Saturday afternoon. 

This very nice couple recently adopted an adult dog from a California Animal Shelter. Just like my own Poncho the Dog, this dog came with a few "issues" - but hey, come on, we ALL come with "issues" right? We all bring some sort of baggage into each and every one of our relationships. Anyway, this dog, who was very sweet, did have a few things these nice dog folks wanted to help "fix". How great is that? Not only do they adopt an adult dog, but they take one with "special needs", and then want to try and help this sweet pooch work through them. Talk about selfless. 

The other nice thing? The gentleman was concerned when he came to todays session. He had admitted that he was thinking that I, this certified pet dog trainer, was going to give him the same information that he had kept hearing elsewhere. Either by other trainers, or books, or other people. And that the training steps were going to be complicated, or not make much sense. 

Well, it seems he was pleasantly surprised! He told me that not only did the info I shared make sense to him but that the training steps were simple, and easy for him to use in his already busy daily life. He also confirmed what I was saying made perfect sense! Now they're so excited about wanting to work with their dog, that they're motivated enough so they can come to some of my upcoming dog training classes and workshops. 

Wow! How is that for positively reinforcing?! (I mean for me!) Quite a rewarding afternoon for yours truly. Can't wait to see them out in public practicing those newly acquired skills! 

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