Wednesday, December 23, 2009

APDT Announces January 2010 as Official Dog Training Month!

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers has recently announced that January is "National train your dog month!" Perfect timing! What better way to begin the new year? This is one new years resolution that should be at the top of your list. For those adopting a new puppy or adult dog you might want to sign up for a dog training class or even private dog training sessions.

For those seasoned dog guardians wanting to do something different with your dog you could certainly take a fun dog training class or play the Out of the Box Dog Training Game. Either way, working with your dog in a fun and productive way will help build the behaviors you want while reaching your goals!

The holiday season is a popular adoption month for puppies and adult dogs. This could be one reason the APDT decided on January. This is certainly why I have my own dog training classes beginning on January 9th. There is the 3-session puppy class through Ventura College Community Education, and my Good Manners dog training class (the old fashioned name for this would be "dog obedience class", but I prefer "manners") at the Inquisitive Canine dog training studio here in Ventura.

For those whose schedules don't allow for dog training classes, my Out of the Box Dog Training Game is a perfect and "pawsitive" solution for working training into your busy life - whether it's in the official "National train your dog month", or anytime you and your dog want to have fun and rewarding times together.

Poncho and I wish you all the best for a rewarding 2010, and may January kick your dog training skills off on the right paw!

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