Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out of The Box Dog Training Game App Giveaway From the Inquisitive Canine

Hello dog training and coaching tips followers! Poncho and I have three exclusive "codes" for our newly released Out of the Box Dog Training Game App, and we want to give them away to three of our Inquisitive Canine blog readers.

What is required?:
  • First off, you'll need a device that is iTunes App compatible - yes, that would help tremendously. iPhone or an iTouch.
  • Secondly, you'll need to be a guardian to at least one dog. Or perhaps someone that works with dogs - shelter or rescue. You could certainly play this game with other animals, human and non-human, but it is designed for canine companions.
  • Lastly - you'll need to be someone who enjoys spending time with your dog - or at least someone looking for new ways to spend time with your dog.

If you've read this far then I'm going to safely assume you want to move on to the trivia questions. We ask that you answer at least three of the ones listed. Here goes:
  1. What is the COMPLETE name of the original inquisitive canine?
  2. Who was the original inquisitive canine named after and why?
  3. Name one favorite place the original inquisitive canine enjoys going with mom and dad.
  4. What is the current name of the original inquisitive canines blog?
  5. What is the name of the dog behavior advice column the original inquisitive canine co-writes and where can it be found?

Okay folks - those are the questions. Answers can be found in all sorts of dog training tips blog posts, our Inquisitive Canine website,
Facebook Inquisitive Canine group page, my personal Facebook page. You can send your answers directly to me via email or comment here on this blog post.

The first three that send the correct answers will receive a special code for our Out of the Box Dog Training Game app. If you can submit answers by Monday January 11th that would be awesome as the codes expire on the fifteenth.

Woof-woof! And happy new year!
Joan and her original inquisitive canine p..... Oops, don't want to give away the answer that easily... :->

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