Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dog Training and Coaching Tips Blog is on the Move

Hello fellow inquisitive canine's and inquisitive guardians!

It's official! My sidekick Poncho and I have completed the Great Blog Migration over to our newly updated www.inquisitivecanine.com website. This means that:
  1. Poncho and I have joined blog forces! We get to have more meetings together, but come on, that's a total perk, right?
  2. Poncho and I will be updating our blog directly on our own site.
  3. I won’t be updating posts on this Blogger site any longer.
What does this mean for you? Simple. All you have to do is point your browsers to the new site: www.inquisitivecanine.com/blog where you can read our posts while being able to hang out directly on our home website. Very convenient I must say!

Also – if you subscribe to this via RSS, the new feed is here:

If you receive updates via email, please subscribe at the new blog address:

And please change all bookmarks to:

In addition to the new blog address, we also have some really exciting changes to our dog training offerings - We hope you’ll check out our new services and products for enhancing your everyday relationship with your dog.

Thanks for reading my dog training tips blog. I always enjoy your comments and support. Oh, and if you think your friends and their inquisitive canine's would enjoy reading and sharing, please feel free to forward it on. We'll look forward to seeing you on our new site!

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